Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Do or Don't: Men With Tote Bags

While I was back in New York, I was riding the subway one day when a sexy, rugged man stepped onto the train.  He had that tousled hair and soft tee shirt combo that's to die for.  

I was (innocently) admiring his looks when I noticed....he had a tote bag slung over his shoulder. My initial reaction? Eeeeeh.  If it were a Murse (i.e. a sturdy, leather bag) then I think it'd be different.  But there's something about a wimpy tote bag, you know, the ones that have a charming little print or saying, that I'm not quite sold on. But am I being close-minded?  Picture: Ryan Gosling with a tote bag.  He could pull it off, right? Right.


(photo from A Gentlewoman, lol)

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