Thursday, May 9, 2013

On the WTF Moments in My Life

The other day my friend asked me if I ever have WTF moments about quitting my job, moving to the cape, and pursuing my writing career.  My answer? YES.

They are often and frequent and range from “wtf” to “WTF” to "w.t.f."

I know that writing is my “dream” in many ways, I’ve been writing since I literally learned to write and nothing and nobody will stop me, damnit, but the act of chasing it is slow, sometimes confusing, often disheartening.  I question it, I lose interest, I get distracted.  There are countless WTF’s, and they never get old, even though a lot of them end up being the same. (There was one day not long ago that I literally was so filled with WTF's that I sat completely still at the counter of my local coffee shop for the entire afternoon, my mind reeling, wondering how I would be able to move when the place closed.  Anyone that sat down next to me I begged to give me answers as to 'what I was doing.')

But then something happens everyday, almost without fail, little tiny signs that tell me I’m doing the right thing.  They’re so tiny and fleeting that I can’t actually think of any right now (ha), but they feel sacred somehow, and they keep me going.  Today, the sign was exceptionally big and in my face- it’s this article.  

Hope everyone is having a good week. Sing your WTF's loud and clear!


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