Wednesday, April 17, 2013

9 Things I've Admitted to Myself As I've Gotten Older

1.  That I don’t like skim milk.  Somewhere along the line, some woman’s magazine engrained in me that skim milk is the answer to all skinny girl’s happiness and that I wouldn’t notice the difference…but I do.  It's not as good.  I'm sick of pretending. 

2. That not everyone will like me, I don’t like everyone, and the world continues to spin. 

3. That I don’t go running because I enjoy to run or because I get a runner’s high but simply because I know, without fail, that it provides my mind and body with good and healthy things.  That’s all.

4. That pears actually taste good.

5. That I was in love with my high school biology teacher.  Please, I hope you don’t see this……

6. That I’m still not okay with my mom being right.  With time, Mom, with time. 

7.  That I get quickly turned off by shy, quiet people, and often dismiss them as non-friend material, when, in fact, some of my greatest friends have at first been painfully shy.  (Hi Lucy A, Shannon H, Sasha DB).   I still need to work on this. 

8.  That I am a “horse girl.” Shudder.

9.  That getting 7 hours of sleep doesn’t constitute as being sick.  

There's so much more...what have you admitted to yourself recently? 

(photo by me) 

1 comment:

  1. 1. skim milk is the best, whole milk sucks. I respectfully disagree with you
    2. I like you
    3. running sucks
    4. pears rock
    5. no comment
    6. moms are pretty great though
    7. was i really so painfully shy? I've been thinking that I had a bit of extrovert in me. HAVE I BEEN WRONG THE WHOLE TIME?
    8. horse girl
    9. i love sleep