Thursday, April 18, 2013

On One of The Coolest People I've Met This Year

There’s a guy in town who’s a mini celebrity. He’s tall, with a healthy mop of brown hair and an easy smile.  He looks like a cute Where’s Waldo and he’s fearless: last year, he stepped out of his backdoor in Pennsylvania and walked across the country.  He had a backpack, some water, and a tape recorder.  He was twenty three.  For an entire year, he walked the highway and spoke to anyone who would talk to him.  He just wanted advice.  He wanted to meet people and listen to their stories.    

Here’s what really floors me about the whole thing.  Besides having an end goal (sinking his feet into the Pacific Ocean), he didn’t really have the whole thing fully planned.  He often didn’t have places to sleep at night, and even had to sleep under a bridge a few nights.  He literally lived day by day, and he walked- he walked 4,000 miles.  

To me, he is a creature of another species.  I want to learn from him, because I am so unlike him.  I still kind of panic if I realize I have to spend the night at someone’s house without a toothbrush.  I like planning so much that I’ve realized it actually holds me back. Moving here was barely planned, and I think that’s why it actually worked out so well. 

Anyway, I want to share his story with you.  It’s truly, really fascinating.  Take an hour tonight, stretch your legs, and listenI think you will enjoy it! (Sorry, ladies, he's taken...)


(photo from his blog

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