Friday, April 19, 2013

The Book That Changed My Life

The most common and frequent question I think I ask my 22 year old self over and over again, is......

Is this normal? 

Like, is what I'm doing/thinking/feeling/wanting in the realm of normal?  Because "normal" right now seems like an incredibly vague and wishy-washy place.  A shrink, in this case, would be useless. ("do you think it's normal?")

And then I got this book as a gift.

It's frank, loving, and hilarious.  Cheryl Strayed does something as a writer that I really admire and strive for: she isn't afraid to go there.  She doesn't pull any punches.  What results is something kind of spectacular-- anything that might normally come across as cheesy is so unapologetically so that it works....really works.  She's better than any shrink because she basically says, "maybe it's normal, maybe it's not, but who gives a shit? Own it, embrace it, ask it questions.  Push it around a little."  

I highly recommend it. 

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you Monday :) 


(Collage from The Rumpus)

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