Monday, April 22, 2013

Do I Go To My Middle School Reunion?

If you asked me what my worst memory is, I’d tell you: middle school.  Three years at a tiny Episcopalian School with annual Christmas pageants and uniforms.  Besides having a cute boyfriend and few sweet friends, my middle school experience was fairly excruciating.  There was endless bullying.  There was an itchy plaid skirt.  There was getting my period in the middle of history class.  There was this unacceptably miserable English teacher who looked like she wanted to hack up some spit and then murder us all.  During chapel everyday I silently prayed and asked for Elijah Wood to rescue me (or at the very least, ask for my number).  After school, I often went to my friend’s house across the street and binged on powdered donuts. Mostly, there was this general feeling, all the time, that I desperately wanted to escape.  I look at middle school girls now and they seem so small and very innocent, but I remember feeling deeply old and weathered.  I dreaded high school.  I dreaded girls, their cattiness, the way they could be SO mean.  And then I was mean, too, and that didn’t really work. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

The other day, I got an email about the reunion coming up.   And instead of just dismissing it, I starting thinking about what it would be like. We all practically lived together during the most awkward times of our lives, and I’d love to see my formal classmates, all blossomed and living their adult lives.  I imagine it’d be kind of awesome and awkward!  

(and here's the song that got me through middle school)


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